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Paris, je t’aime

June 7, 2012

The second day, we started the day with an amazing breakfast: Croissants, jus d’orange, some amazing French confiture, and more (probably too much).
After breakfast, we went to the city of Paris, to have a look at Balenciaga and Celine… I still had to make my decision between two bags. After a visit to those two stores, we went to The Four Seasons George V hotel, so I could made up my mind. The first thing that stands out at this hotel, is the entrance. The view from the outside at the hotel is amazing. The most expensive cars, big windows with a lot of gold, and walls from marble.
The inside of the hotel is very spacial. The first thing that stands out, were definitely the flowers. Peonies, my favorite flowers. You find them everywhere in the hotel. From the entrance, to the bar, to the toilet, in many different colors. While having coffee, I made the decision about the bag. It became the Celine Phantom. (Post coming soon).

After this great weekend, we went home. We ended the day with dinner in Antwerp, Belgium. We had a great time, and will go back soon! Paris, je t’aime
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