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Antwerp part 2

June 22, 2012

After the first night in Antwerp, we started with a delicious breakfast. At Hotel de Witte Lelie, you can choose your own breakfast. You order, they make it immediately. Some bacon? Sure, it will take a few minutes, but it’s fresh and delicious.

We spend the day in the city, and discovered some new hotspots: Renaissance (A shop and restaurant in one.) A huge building, with amazing brands, like: Alexander Wang, Theory, Victoria Beckham, Acne, Helmut Lang, MSGM, and lots of others.

P.s. Look at the amazing interiour of The Bronze Bar in Hotel de Witte Lelie. I LOVE the colors and prints.
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Happy first anniversary!

June 21, 2012

Last Tuesday it was official; the first anniversary of .
I want to thank all my followers from the last year, and hope there will be a lot of more posts in the future.

Thank you so much.Happy 1st anniversaryFashionmakesme pie

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Antwerp with my new Celine

June 18, 2012

Last Thursday I went to Antwerp. Hotel de Witte Lelie gave us the opportunity to sleep at their new, renovated room. And I can tell you, it was amazing! A large bathroom with an amazing shower in the middle of the bathroom. Freedom all around you! Unfortunately I had to hurry the next morning, otherwise I probably stayed there for at least an hour. All the staff is very friendly, and helpfull. Just like I told you before; they give you that ultimate “coming home feeling”.
When we arrived at the hotel, and admired the hotel room, we went to “Dock’s cafe”. A restaurant with a household feeling. Not very chic, but comfi it was! I couldn’t hide the picture from you of the dessert (a hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream) simple, but delicious.

And as promised, finally pictures of my Celine Phantom bag. I love it. It’s amazing how the brand Celine has such beautiful products, with a lot of “less is more”! Besides, in the meantime I bought a Celine wallet and shoes as well. Kinda becoming obsessed.

Enjoy the first part of Antwerp!

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Paris, je t’aime

June 7, 2012

The second day, we started the day with an amazing breakfast: Croissants, jus d’orange, some amazing French confiture, and more (probably too much).
After breakfast, we went to the city of Paris, to have a look at Balenciaga and Celine… I still had to make my decision between two bags. After a visit to those two stores, we went to The Four Seasons George V hotel, so I could made up my mind. The first thing that stands out at this hotel, is the entrance. The view from the outside at the hotel is amazing. The most expensive cars, big windows with a lot of gold, and walls from marble.
The inside of the hotel is very spacial. The first thing that stands out, were definitely the flowers. Peonies, my favorite flowers. You find them everywhere in the hotel. From the entrance, to the bar, to the toilet, in many different colors. While having coffee, I made the decision about the bag. It became the Celine Phantom. (Post coming soon).

After this great weekend, we went home. We ended the day with dinner in Antwerp, Belgium. We had a great time, and will go back soon! Paris, je t’aime
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