When in Amsterdam: Bar “The Tailor”

May 26, 2016

Do you know that feeling when you smell a specific fragrance and not sure what it reminds you of? Or, that specific smell where you exactly know where it reminds you of.


There is this same thing for places. You can go somewhere which gives you the feeling that you’ve been there before, or it reminds you of something, which can define the whole experience and the feeling while being there. It defines the stay.

I have this thing with the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky hotel in Amsterdam. If you’ve been in Amsterdam then I’m sure that you will recognize it. The amazing building at the Damsquare. The building that looks quite mysterious, maybe because of the name. And you don’t know what to expect. For me, the Krasnapolsky hotel has a special place in my heart. I met my boyfriend here about 6 years ago. We both spended many many hours in the hotel. Not for a stay, but for work. I always wanted to work there because of the “feeling” you just can’t explain, you just have it. Because of the fact that our “job” over there was just an internship, I had to leave this amazing place after a couple of months. So did Niels. But that feeling that we had that time, never left. When we had the chance to drink a cup of coffee, our favorite place to go in Amsterdam was the Krasnapolsky hotel. And for us both, it still is.

But then it was time for change. The hotel had its renovation. Lots of things changed, but in a good way.  One of those good things is their bar: The Tailor. Super chic and casual, just like the hotel. You feel the class when you walk into the bar, without the awkward feeling you might get. The staff is super friendly and social. They make time for every single guest, like it supposed to be. Because who knows what the reason is what brings people to the bar. We do know that it can bring people come together, it can takes you back in time, this could be for six years, but it could also bring back the memory in life.

The bar has a list of signature cocktails which are not the basic ones, which makes it even more special. But do not doubt to give your suggest to the bar tender, because he can give you exactly the cocktail that you need that night (or day).

If you’re in Amsterdam, then do not doubt to go to The Tailor. For me it brings back memories and it can create a new memory for you :-).

If you became curious about their cocktails, then have a look at their website!





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