When in Amsterdam: Het Warenhuis

October 17, 2016

When speaking of Amsterdam, there are lots of places to go for a nice meal. Most of the time, that’s the problem. So many places to go to which make it harder to choose where to go. Once in a while I share my favorite places with you for a drink, lunch dinner or cocktail. This time I share my story about “Het Warenhuis” located in the centre of Amsterdam at a corner of the Haarlemmerstraat.


Het Warenhuis is the perfect place for an informal “stop”. This could be for lunch, dinner, a small bite or cocktail. They serve everything in a very comfortable, no nonsense, space. The interior gives a warm feeling which gives you the chance to relax in a sort of living room vibe. Perfect after a long day of work, or day in town. You can order anything you like at any time of the day. They use the share and dine concept which is even more fun when you are together with a friend. The menu cart has its focus on delicious and casual French cuisine with a very local touch. They serve their “Haarlemmerplankje” with famous products out of the “Haarlemmerstraat” which is the street they are located in. A five minute walk from the central station of Amsterdam.

Deciding what to eat was difficult because you just want to try it all. And with their concept, it’s not impossible to order many different dishes. Small plates give you the chance to order some more of something else (or if you really loved one of the plates, just order the same). my favorite are the “beetballs”. I can’t explain, you just have to try it. If you are curious, then google: bitterballen. A famous Dutch snack. The beetballen are even better than the original. Besides that one, I really loved the risotto. A dish that is really underestimated. The one they serve is a mixed vegetable risotto with parmesan crisps. Really really good.

The name “Het Warenhuis” means department store. You are now able to buy what you see. In love with the glasses? You can buy them immediately at their website. Comfortable pillows? Lovely painting on the wall, just visit their website.

If you want to know more about Het Warenhuis, then have look at their website.






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    O wat ziet dit tentje er leuk uit! Hier moet ik ook echt een keertje naar toe.