When sport meets chic

June 26, 2017

10 years ago, I couldn’t imagine that I would wear a 390 euros Gucci shirt, combined with some tracking pants by Adidas. Actually, I couldn’t imagine entering the street in Adidas trousers without going to the gym. Or actually, wear them for a serious shopping trip or lunch. Say what?!


Nowadays, entering the streets with these trousers became a statement. A seriously fashionable look. Any kind of them. The older the better. Retro? Yes, please.

I immediately fell in love with this version of the tracking pants which I found on
Retro? Check. Do I feel like I am back in the 90’s? Check. Am I aloud to enter the streets here in Amsterdam without tourists who are going to ask me where the nearest gym is? Yes! I mean; check! It’s all about the right combination. The one thing that might hold you from buying it, might be the fact that it is so cozy, that you want to live your live in it… for the entire week. But who cares.

If you prefer your fancy summer dress over that cool tracking pants, then you might find the perfect little summer dress here:





I was wearing:

Adidas tracking pants via
Gucci – shirt
Gucci – loafers
Gucci – bag
Ray Ban – sunglasses

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  • Reply Kevin - JustKVN June 29, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    Hele leuke combinatie babe.. De sweatpants is echt een te gekke kleur