Update: When in Antwerp; Hotel de witte lelie

August 13, 2017


I wrote an article about it before, I shot my first pictures there for my blog, and I couldn’t get enough of the design of this place. These were enough reasons for me to write a new article about this fantastic hotel in Antwerp. It has its rooms renovated, which wasn’t that needed in my opinion, but looks very very good.

Spontaneous trips are te best if you ask me. Especially when you have some days off. Antwerp is about 1,5 hours away from Amsterdam, so nothing could stop us. Niels and I booked this hotel and the next day we couldn’t believe what room was waiting for our arrival. The “Presidential suite”. The name says it all. It’s probably one of the best rooms I ever slept in. A pink velvet couch, yes please. An enormous bed with super soft linen which feels like heaven; check! The design of the entire hotel, and so this room, is so luxurious but in a very comfortable way, that you really never want to leave. I literally put my head under different furniture to find the brand name. The carpet isn’t upside down anymore, don’t worry. And yes, I made some dreamy plans to put this carpet all over the place in our house in Amsterdam. The service you get is very personal. A real great place.



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