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Hotel Principe di savoia


“Just to sleep”

September 13, 2017

“Oh, don’t worry about the hotel, it’s nothing special, we will only be there at night to get some sleep”. Even though I can imagine that people think that way, I cannot relate to this sentence. Actually, my mind goes straight the other way after hearing this.

After a busy week, maybe a long flight or ride, all I want to do is arrive at a hotel that says; Don’t worry, I am here for you, you see this bed, it has more pillows than you have in your entire house. Forget about your worries, all you can do here, is relax. Continue Reading


Ciao Milan!

February 23, 2012

Exactly one week ago, I came back from Milan. I went there 3 days, together with Niels, as a Valentine gift. Last year at Valentine’s day we went to the same hotel in Milan, but I was so ill that time, that we wanted to do it over again. And fortunately we fell great this time! I really love the hotel we went to. “Hotel Principe di Savoia”. It’s a classic hotel, with  a modern twist, located near to the central station and the subway is right in front of the hotel.

For the best cupcakes in town we went to an English/New york -style bakery, called “That’s Bakery”. Where you actually also can go for a real American hamburger! 

And ofcourse I got some great new clothes and accessories, which I’ll show you soon!
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